Custom Chimney Caps
& Chase Covers

Custom designed and built just for you!

Keep your home protected all while adding a unique and stylish touch!

Although we have designed our custom chimney caps and chase covers to give your home some extra curb appeal they play a vital role in keeping the investment of your home protected from many environmental factors. Just by adding a cap or chase cover to your chimney you are preventing water, debris, and animals from entering your chimney system. These accessories can also protect your roof from escaping embers and protect against powerful downdrafts that can blow smoke back into your home.

Manufacturing Division

An unprotected chimney can lead to some costly repairs!

Generations ago, caps and covers were not looked at as the essential safety devices they are today. The largest benefit of installing our caps and covers is protecting against water damage. Brick is a porous material and water penetration can cause some very serious masonry damage which can lead to extensive and costly repairs. Our caps and covers are lifetime guaranteed and come in a variety of styles and color options.


With 30 Color Choices For Your Chimney Caps & Covers

Terra Cotta
Aged Copper
Bone White
Surrey Beige
Colonial Red
Patina Green
Regal White
Ash Gray
Sierra Tan
Regal Red
Hemlock Green
Stone White
Dove Gray
Medium Bronze
Hartford Green
Slate Blue
Slate Gray
Mansford Brown
Matte Black
Regal Blue
Charcoal Gray
Dark Bronze
Weathered Copper
Weathered Steel

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