Is Water Damaging Your Chimney?

Roof and shingles damaged from water leak

Is water damaging your chimney? For those that have chimneys, it’s a good idea to remember them come maintenance time. Whether it’s for your home or you’re running a commercial building, a chimney provides a lot of functionality. With a proper maintenance schedule, you’ll be able to avoid the severe problems that could happen.   

They’re the ventilation needed for anything from a fireplace to boilers to any type of furnace. They can also be aesthetically pleasing and bring a sense of warmth and feelings of home when we see one in action. 

Yet as foundational a piece as chimneys are, they need to be correctly maintained and cared for; otherwise, before we know it, they’ll stop their critical function and cause serious structural damage and possible fire in your home.

How water affects the chimney

Water can be a major culprit in chimney damage, and we might not even realize it. Yes, it can happen from the elements such as rain or snow, and yes, it can become a serious problem if left untreated. 

The moisture of the water can actually break down the brick and mortar over time, breaking down the chimney. In addition, the heat that comes from the usage of the chimney only aggravates the whole process further and needs to be dealt with. 

Although rare, with the constant damage being done to these chimneys, there’s a potential for a complete chimney collapse. This would need a much more costly service and will most likely require a total chimney replacement, which means rebuilding that part of the roof. 

How can we avoid this?

Having a professional chimney sweep perform regular inspections will catch leaks and other significant issues early on, which means one less headache in the future! For example, an expert chimney sweep will let you know immediately if there are already cracks that need to be patched up or the chimney needs to go for a good clean due to blockage. 

It’s also good to work with professionals as they are licensed and insured. They will also be able to check the lining around the chimney to make sure they’re sealed to prevent water from getting in from that entry point. Another essential option to consider that’s extremely simple for preventing water damage is installing a chimney cap. 

Just as hats protect us from the rain, a chimney cap will protect the chimney from any significant structural damage caused by water. Any type of work associated with chimneys and roofing can be dangerous, so only those fully trained with the right experience should approach it.

We Are The Solution

When looking for roofing experts, you should always go with a roofer like ourselves at A Cleaner Chimney. We’ve already seen it all and are very familiar with what the weather can do to a chimney and a roof in general. 

We can also bring numerous references from the communities we serve so that you can see our past work. Feel free to get hold of us with any questions about your chimney or any other roofing needs. 

We’ll be glad to get on a call with you or reply via email and give you our recommendation of what is the next best course of action. 


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