Masonry Repair

Safety and assurance is important when it comes to your Chimney and Fireplace. Whatever your concern, We can take care of it!

Masonry Repair Is What Happens When Laying Some New Bricks Down Is The Best Way To Fix It: Masonry Repairs, Restorations, and Rebuilds, We Do It All!

If you see a crack in your chimney, it’s best to contact us to inspect it right away. Your Chimney vents smoke through the crown. Smoke and soot will get stuck in any cracked bricks it passes along the way and builds up into hazardous and flammable deposits.

We Are The Experts You can Count On!

If a crack is detected after an inspection, the cracked pieces will need to be removed and the masonry rebuilt from there. In the instance of a lopsided crown or badly installed smoke chamber, the surrounding masonry will be removed and rebuilt. Receiving quality masonry repair while the issues are small can save you costly repairs and troublesome issues down the road. Call us today and our experts will get the job done right!