Cleaner Chimney is the North Carolina’s Premier Source for Regency Woodstoves and Fireplace Wood Inserts.

  Regency Woodstoves offer timeless beauty, real wood warmth and high efficiency burning which means you’ll wake up warm without having to reload your stove during the night. Regency Hybrid Woodstoves and Wood Inserts have high efficiency, triple-burn technology to ensure you get more heat and a longer burn from every log you use. Even our smaller hybrid wood stoves give you up to 10 hours of cozy warmth for every load of firewood. Meaning no more cold mornings or midnight wood furnace reloads, and less time and money spent on the logs. Just a warm home and more time to do what you love while you’re there.

What’s the difference between Regency’s Freestanding Woodstoves and Wood Inserts?

A Regency Fireplace Wood Insert is a high-functioning wood-burning heating unit that fits directly into your home’s existing fireplace. 

These carefully forged devices vastly increase the wood burning efficiency of your traditional hearth and chimney, while giving your rustic heart an attractive, modern upgrade.  Below are two of our most popular fireplace inserts.


  • The sleek Ci2770 Large Hybrid Wood Insert’s design adds contemporary elegance to a traditional roaring fire. Constructed to maximize heat output and burning efficiency, this wood insert can keep safely burning for over 12 hours per load.
  • The inviting i2450 Medium Non-Catalytic Wood Insert comes ready to install, makes wood loading a breeze, and can keep your home warm and cozy for up to 10 hours per load.


Wood Stove

A Regency Freestanding Woodstove is an attractive metal wood-burning unit that can be installed nearly anywhere you like. 

Even if you don’t have a chimney, these highly efficient heating units can give you the benefit of a traditional fire in any part of your home or estate. They’re installed to maximize safety and heat distribution, and they funnel smoke easily out of your home through a built-in pipe.

Below are two of the most popular freestanding wood stoves on the market.

  • The compact Regency F1500 Small Hybrid Wood Stove keeps up to 1,200 sqft warm and toasty. It comes with Regency’s Eco Boost triple burn technology, which can keep your logs burning unattended for up to 10 hours.
  •  The grand looking Regency F5200 Extra Large Hybrid Wood Stove can hold up to 90 pounds of firewood, which can keep a 3,000 sqft area cozy for over 24 hours. 

How do Regency Woodstoves get such high efficiency and long burn times?

Regency Hybrid Woodstoves and Hybrid Wood Inserts utilize revolutionary Eco Boost Triple Burn Technology, an innovative woodburning system that uses airflow streams to get the most combustion out of every speck. 

  • In the first stage, air streams beneath the firebox feed the wood directly and ignite it.
  • In the second stage, the superheated smoke from the fire is funneled into a secondary chamber and burned again.
  • In the third stage, the unburned gasses are forced through a catalytic combustion chamber, which results in a third burn.

All of this results in a more efficient use of fuel, a greatly increased amount of heat for your home, and cleaner smoke. Even non-catalytic products like that the i2450 Medium Non-Catalytic Wood Insert will burn smoke-travelling wood particles that could result in creosote for extra heat and a more eco-friendly exhaust.

Is Regency the best brand of Wood Stoves and Fire Inserts?

Regency is the world leading brand in the wood-fire product industry. Every woodstove, fireplace, and wood insert is designed to look beautiful and exceed expectations and outpace industry standards. They also have options to fit any square footage, home layout, or personal taste. And they almost always come with generous warranties to be sure you’re satisfied. If you live in Winston-Salem or Greensboro, contact A Cleaner Chimney today. We’re the premier supplier of Regency Fireplace Products for the area, and we can walk you through the selection and get you the best fit for your home this winter.